Hartzine – Septembre 2012

Retrouvez, chaque mois, les choix éclectiques de la rédaction.



1.Dignan Porch – Sleep with the Dead
2.Dark Dark Dark – Tell Me
3.Lives of Angels – Ascension
4.Break-up – Fever
5.Gold Zebra – Love, French, Better
6.The Soft Moon – Die Life
7.Bronze Age – Coupling Symbols
8.Medio Mutante – 17 Anos
9.Violence FM – Expulsion (John Heckle Remix)
10.Kid606 – New boss same as old boss
11.Freddie Gibbs – Kush Cloud feat. Krayzie Bone & SpaceGhostPurrp
12.Ryan Hemsworth – Overthinking
13.Jeff Phelps – Don’t fall Apart on Me
14.Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul – Hoverboard (feat. Squadda B)
15.Chris Cohen – Optimist High
16.Vadoinmessico – Pepita, Queen of The Animals (Remix by Derby Sunshine)
17.Mac DeMarco – My Kind of Woman
18.Twerps – He’s In Stock
19.Lazy – Party City
20.Cold Showers – BC
21.Catamaran – Goth Creep
22. o’Children – Chimera (Lemmy Ashton Remix)